Ten Tips: Effective Email Strategies

Everybody has to write to succeed!

And few of us can get through the day without writing or reviewing email. But typos, poor punctuation, and long, confusing messages are time-consuming and ineffective.

Enhance your professional communication skills by following these quick email tips:

  1. Frontload—Place your most important content at the beginning of your message.
  2. Be concise—Time is limited; email is legion. Professional courtesy requires concise content.
  3. Consider unintended audiences. If you can’t post it on a public bulletin board, then don’t send it.
  4. Deliver your content with your audience’s needs in mind.
  5. Stick to the facts as they relate to your purpose: who, what, where, and when. Consider discussing the why face-to-face.
  6. Edit. Edit. Edit.
  7. Give drafted email a resting period before sending (2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even 24 hours when possible).
  8. Avoid informal abbreviations (LOL, BTW, etc.).
  9. Check your “To” and “Subject” fields and understand the Cc and Bcc electronic email options.
  10. Keep it brief. Chunk content into short, topic-specific paragraphs. Send longer content as attached memos, letters, or reports.

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